Reseller 1 Reseller 2 Reseller 3 Reseller 4
1 GB Disc Space
25 GB Transference *
Domain Free
2 GB Disc Space
35 GB Transference *
Domain Free
3 GB Disc Space
50 GB Transference *
Domain Free
4 GB Disc Space
75 GB Transference *
Domain Free
10 €/Month 20 €/Month 25 €/Month 30 €/Month
Reseller 5
5 GB Disc Space
100 GB Transference *
2 Domains Free
35 €/Month

* This it limits is the monthly transference available altogether of reseller. The transference by account you choose it your.
In case of being used everything, the deactivated quedaria account until the following month.

1GB of Additional Monthly Transference
0,80 €/Month

1GB of Space in Additional Disc
7 €/Month

All the accounts of reseller have the following thing:

WHM is a panel of administration oriented to the remarketers. This panel allows the creation of individual accounts of unlimited hosting, which allows that each created account has its own independent Control Panel cPanel of the others.

Here podra to see some of the characteristics of both panels.
WHM and cPanel

Activated Overselling - It resells limitless accounts
Limitless domains
Limitless Subdomains
Limitless accounts POP3
Limitless redirections of mail
Limitless data bases
You would ally of Mail Limitless
Limitless accounts FTP
Autoresponders Limitless
Cart of Interchange Purchase
Manager of Files
WebMail (Horde, Neomail and Squirrelmail)
Automatic installation of scripts (Forums/Chats/Managers of content)
Statistics Web, visits and traffic of your site.
Programmed tasks
Server Side Includes
Own servers DNS (ns1 and
Configurable pages of error
Protection of directories with password
Access to Logs Raw
Control of resources (space in disc, transference used and available)
Typical of WHM

To form key of remote access
State of the Servant
Listing of Accounts
To create a new account
To create accounts with predefined content
To erase an account
To erase several accounts
To increase/To diminish the package of an account
Used transference
To limit use of Transference
To deactivate/To reactivate accounts
Listing of deactivated Accounts
To modify page of suspended accounts
To modify password
To activate or To deactivate subdomains
Listing of Subdominios
To change theme of the WHM
Typical manager
To add Plans of Hosting
To erase Plans of Hosting
To park or To point a domain
Listing of Parked Domains
To add a zone DNS
To publish an entrance MX
To publish a zone DNS
To erase a zone DNS
To install extensions of FrontPage
Desinstalar extensions of FrontPage
To install extensions Frontpage Mail
Troubleshooter mail
To change brand of cPanel
To modify the news of cPanel

Click in the image to enlarge

A Control Panel with excellent characteristics, stability and really easy to use.
  • Available in several languages:
    • Spanish
    • English
    • Catalan
    • Frances
    • Others
  • Multiple characteristics that do it more useful and effective.
    • Support
    • Anti-virus
    • Installers for applications PHP
    • To verify the state of the servant
    • Customized statistics of your domains
    • Complete logs of access
    • Protection of directories

All the accounts have:

Information of your account and the system - the state of your account and the servant monitors from the panel.
Services of Mail - total control on your account of mail and all cararacterísticas:
  • To add/To erase mail users
  • To handle you would ally and redirections
  • To create autorespondedores
  • To accede by WebMail
  • To handle mail lists
  • Own filters of Spam
  • Spam Assassin
Statistics of the site - access to all type of statistics of your site and logs.
  • To see you complete them visits
  • Webalizer statistics
  • Awstats statistics
  • Logs Raw de Acceso
  • Logs de Errores
Configuration outpost - multiple options on your account, protection of directories, to banear IPs, protection of Hotlink, etc…
  • Protection of Hotlink
  • Extensions of Frontpage
  • Filtrate of directions IP
  • Protection of directories with password
  • Programmed tasks
  • Redirections
  • Index Manager
  • To publish archives .htaccess
  • Customized pages of Error
  • Types PAMPER
Configuration Outpost of Domains - to create subdomains, to add them, to park them, etc….
  • To create Subdominios
  • To park Domains
  • To add Additional Domains
To handle Data bases - to form, to add, to erase and to store data bases:
  • MySQL
  • phpMyAdmin
Handling of Accounts FTP - it controls your users of FTP and their permissions:
  • To create accounts FTP
  • To handle anonymous FTP
  • Control of sessions FTP
Tools of the network administrator - common tools and systems of backup:
  • Backup of the site/To recover Backup
  • To add your site to finders
  • GnuPG keys
  • Tools DNS
  • Traceroute
  • Handlers apache
Tools of installation of sites and scripts - it improves your site with scripts and applications easy to install:
  • Car of purchase Agora
  • Sala de Chat
  • Clock Web
  • Accountant of hits
  • Book of Entropy visits
  • phpMyChat
  • Random HTML
  • Advanced book of visits
  • Manager of banners Entropy
  • Entropy SiteSearch

Fantasico Deluxe:

  Fantastic it is an application Web in PHP that Integra with our cheap dedicated server with cpanel.

With Fantastic you will be able to install all type of aplicacions PHP and just by some automatically steps.

These are some of scripts that you can install with only 2 clicks.

  • b2
  • b2evolution
  • Nucleus
  • pMachine Free
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Geeklog
  • Joomla
  • PHP-Nuke
  • phpWCMS
  • phpWebSite
  • Post
  • Siteframe
  • Xoops
Applications of Support
  • Crafty Syntax Live Help
  • Help Center Live
  • osTicket
  • Support Logic Helpdesk
  • Support Services Manager
  • PHP Support
  • Invision Board
  • phpBB2
  • YaBBSE
Electronic commerce
  • CubeCart
  • OSCommerce
  • FAQMasterFlex
Galleries of Images
  • 4Images Gallery
  • Coppermine
  • Gallery
Lists of Mail
  • PHPlist
Auctions and Surveys
  • Advanced Poll
  • phpESP
  • PHPSurveyor
Managers of Projects
  • PHProjekt
  • dotProject
Other Applications
  • Moodle
  • Noah's Classifieds
  • Open
  • phpAdsNew
  • Calendar Web
  • PHPauction
  • phpCOIN
  • phpFormGenerator
  • phpLinks